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Issue Details

Issue #30
Published December 1984
Cover Price $0.60
Pages 36
Editing Linda Grant (Assistant); Denny O'Neil
Notes 2nd Print Exists

Cover Details

Genre war
Pencils Mike Zeck
Inks Mike Zeck (?)
Notes 2nd Print Exists
Reprinted in G.I. Joe Yearbook (Marvel, 1985 series) #2

22 page G.I. Joe story "Darkness"

Characters FEATURE: G.I. Joe--Hawk; Snake-Eyes; Scarlett; Wild Bill; Doc; Clutch; Rock 'N Roll; Steeler; Stalker; Ace; GUEST: Billy; VILLAINS: Cobra Commander; Zartan; Dreadnoks; Fred Broca (1st); Destro; Baroness; Major Bludd; Firefly; Cobra Soldiers
Synopsis Zartan (posing as Hawk) infiltrates McGuire Airfield and is convinced it is the location of G.I. Joe HQ (Causing Cobra to recall their new surveillance man at Ft. Wadsworth); The Joes are tipped off as Hawk is present both at McGuire and Ft. Wadsworth at the same time; Cobra Commander sends the Dreadnoks to cut the fence at McGuire, but they decide to do a little property damage, spoiling the element of surprise; The Joes cause Cobra to retreat.
Genre war
Script Larry Hama
Pencils Frank Springer
Inks Andy Mushynsky; Pat Redding (Pgs. 2-6)
Colors George Roussos
Letters Rick Parker