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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published December 1976
Cover Price 0.30 USD
Pages 36
Editing Jack Kirby; Archie Goodwin (consulting editor)

Cover Details

Characters Beast-Killer; Mason; the Monolith; Woodrow Decker
Genre science fiction; period
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks John Verpoorten

17 page 2001: A Space Odyssey story "Beast-Killer!"

Characters Beast-Killer [The One Who Hunts Alone] (caveman, hunter); Bill (boy); Mason (astronaut); the Monolith; Woodrow Decker (astronaut)
Synopsis The issue starts in the distant past where the monolith instructs a hunter on how to craft a spear and then shifts to the future where two astronauts discover an alien ruin. One of the astronauts is killed by a creature, but the other, Woodrow Decker, is transported into a pastoral countryside by the monolith. Here he rapidly ages until he dies and is converted by the monolith into an embryo-type creature referred to as a 'new seed' to explore the galaxy.
Genre science fiction; period
Script Jack Kirby
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Mike Royer
Colors George Roussos
Letters Mike Royer
Notes Set in the Miocene Age and on an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter in the year 2001.
Reprinted in Eterni, Gli (Editoriale Corno, 1978 series) #2 (April 1978) [Italy]

Half page O.J. Simpson; Juicemobiles advertisement "Juicemobiles"

Characters O.J. Simpson
Genre sports; celebrity
Pencils John Romita
Inks John Romita
Notes Comics ad for the Juicemobiles shoes from Spot-bilt.

1 page text article "Monolith Mail; The New Seed"

Script Jack Kirby
Letters typeset

1 page Spider-Man; Hostess Twinkies advertisement "The Spider-Man and the Fly!"

Characters the Fly; Spider-Man
Genre superhero
Pencils Ross Andru
Inks Mike Esposito
Letters Gaspar Saladino
Notes Comics ad for Hostess Twinkies from ITT Continental Baking Co..