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Issue Details

Issue #175
Published May 1968
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mort Weisinger; E. Nelson Bridwell (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details - "The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads"

Characters Superman Revenge Squad; Batman Revenge Squad; Superman (statue); Batman (statue)
Genre superhero
Pencils Neal Adams
Inks Neal Adams

17 page Superman and Batman story "The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads"

Characters Superman; Batman; Robin; Flash; Superman Revenge Squad; Batman Revenge Squad; Jimmy Olsen; James Gordon; "Cash" Carew; "Barney the Blast"; The "Flamethrower"; gold kryptonite
Synopsis Once each year Superman and Jimmy Olsen bet their crime-fighting skills against Batman and Robin. But as the two heroes participate in various contests of skill, their respective Revenge Squads try to sabotage their opponents.
Genre superhero
Script Leo Dorfman
Pencils Neal Adams
Inks Neal Adams
Notes This issue has colored-in panel gutters on many pages.
Reprinted in Super-Team Family (DC, 1975 series) #1 (October-November 1975); in Superman in the Sixties (DC, 1999 series) #[nn]

Half page Cap's Hobby Hints activity

Script Henry Boltinoff; Jack Corley
Pencils Henry Boltinoff (signed)
Inks Henry Bolitnoff
Letters Henry Boltinoff

6 page Editors' Round Table: John Jones Manhunter From Mars story "The Strange Experiment of Dr. Erdel"

Characters origin Martian Manhunter; Dr. Erdel
Genre superhero
Script Jack Miller
Pencils Joe Certa
Inks Joe Certa
Notes Editors' Round Table
Reprinted from Detective Comics #225 (November 1955)