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Issue Details

Issue #227
Published January-February 1975
Cover Price 0.60
Pages 100
Editing Murray Boltinoff
Notes 100 page Super-Spectacular

Cover Details

Characters Superman; Batman; Deadman; Joker; The Penguin; The Prankster; The Toyman
Genre superhero
Pencils Nick Cardy
Inks Nick Cardy
Notes 100 page Super-Spectacular

11 page Table of Contents foreword, introduction, preface, afterword

Pencils Curt Swan
Inks George Klein

20 page Superman and Batman story "Death Flaunts Its Golden Grin"

Characters With Deadman, Thomas Wayne (death); Superman; Batman; Kurt Falk
Genre superhero
Script Bob Haney
Pencils Dick Dillin
Inks Tex Blaisdell

24 page Rip Hunter story "The Secret of Mount Olympus"

Characters Rip Hunter
Script Jack Miller
Pencils Bill Ely
Inks Bill Ely
Reprinted from Rip Hunter #11 (November-December 1962)

8 page Vigilante story "The Reformed Owlhoot Club!"

Characters The Vigilante; Stuff
Genre superhero
Script Dick Wood
Pencils Howard Sherman
Inks Howard Sherman
Reprinted from Action Comics #188 (January 1954)

6 page Martian Manhunter story "The Man With 20 Lives"

Characters J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter
Genre superhero
Script Jack Miller
Pencils Joe Certa
Inks Joe Certa
Reprinted from Detective Comics #227 (January 1956)

18 page Superman and Batman story "The Cape and Cowl Crooks!"

Characters Superman; Batman; The Joker; The Penguin; The Toyman; The Prankster; The Riddler
Genre superhero
Script Edmond Hamilton
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks George Klein
Reprinted from World's Finest Comics #159 (August 1966)

3 page text article "DC Comics Stars on the Screen"

Characters Superman; Robin; Batman; The Vigilante; Congo Bill; Blackhawk