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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published October 2001
Cover Price $2.95
Pages 36
Editing Scott Wherle

Cover Details

Characters Destro, Baroness, Crimson Guardsmen
Genre war
Pencils J. Scott Campbell
Inks J. Scott Campbell
Colors Hi-Fi Colour Design

24 page G.I. Joe story "Reinstated Part 2"

Characters FEATURE: G.I. Joe--Hawk; Duke; Snake-Eyes; Scarlett; Flint; Roadblock; Shipwreck; Stalker; Gung-Ho; Wild Bill; Lady Jaye; Dusty; Mainframe; Rock 'N Roll; Jinx; Spirit Iron-Knife; Kamakura; Greenshirts; GUEST: William Kessler (Billy); VILLAINS: Cobra Commander; Destro II; Baroness; Major Bludd; Dr. Mindbender; Tomax; Xamot; Mistress Armada; Zartan; Zanya (1st); Zandar; Road Pig; Torch; Thrasher; Ripper; Buzzer; Dreadnoks; Cobra Soldiers
Synopsis Destro uses nano-mites to drive Cobra Commander crazy as he begins his evil plan for world domination; The Joes, new and old, invade the Florida swamps to take down Cobra; Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are captured.
Genre war
Script Josh Blaylock
Pencils Josh Blaylock (Layouts); Steve Kurth
Inks John Larter
Colors Hi-Fi Colour Design
Notes 1 page "Animated style" illusion sequence with many "old school" cameos.

1 page G.I. Joe illustration "Cooking With Kung-Fu Grip"

Characters Chef Roadblock
Genre war
Pencils Mike Norton
Inks Mike Norton
Colors Hi-Fi Colour Design

1 page G.I. Joe (backcovers) *do not use* / *please fix* "Back Cover"

Characters Destro
Genre war
Pencils David Michael Beck
Inks David Michael Beck
Colors David Michael Beck
Notes Back Cover image used as the cover for G.I. Joe M.I.A. reprint of issues #1 and 2
Reprinted in G.I. Joe : M.I.A. (Image, 2002 series) #nn