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Issue Details

Issue #49
Published July 1952
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Lone Ranger; Tonto
Synopsis The Lone Ranger drags an unconscious Tonto away from a burning building.
Genre western
Pencils ? (painting)
Inks ? (painting)
Colors ? (painting)

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Free 5 Beautiful Full Color Pin-Ups"

Characters Lone Ranger (cameo)
Letters typeset
Notes Inside front cover; black and white. Promo for subscriptions to the Dell Lone Ranger Comic. Premium is five pinup pictures.
Reprinted from Lone Ranger, The (Dell, 1948 series) #48

18 page The Lone Ranger story "Double Ambush"

Characters Lone Ranger; Tonto; Silver (horse); Scout (horse)
Synopsis After three men are killed, including the sheriff of Cyclone City, ranch foreman Curly Morton volunteers to become sheriff in order to find the killer.
Genre western
Script Paul S. Newman
Pencils Tom Gill
Inks Tom Gill
Notes Script credit from Robin Snyder, taken from Paul S. Newman's personal files.

2 page story "Annie Oakley Little Sure Shot"

Characters Annie Oakley; Frank Butler; Queen Victoria (cameo)
Synopsis True story of the shooting exploits of Annie Oakley.
Genre western; fact; bio

2 page text story "Four Good Legs"

Characters Pimo
Synopsis Crippled Indian boy Pimo rides a buffalo to warn his village of an invading war party.
Genre western
Script Gaylord DuBois
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with two illustrations. Script credit from Robin Snyder, taken from Gaylord DuBois’ personal records.

10 page Young Hawk story "The Bear and the Snake"

Characters Young Hawk; Little Buck; High Cloud
Synopsis Young Hawk, Little Buck and their Pueblo friend Grey Fox stalk a bear. With High Cloud's crippled leg now making him unable to travel, he stays with Grey Fox and his wife while the two boys continue their travels, heading northwest.
Genre western
Script Gaylord DuBois
Pencils Jon Small
Inks Jon Small
Notes Part of a continuing storyline. Last appearance of High Cloud. Script credit from Robin Snyder, taken from Gaylord DuBois' personal records.

1 page filler "The Cavalry - Then and Now"

Synopsis Contrasting the role of the Army Cavalry in the old west and in modern times.
Genre western; fact
Notes Inside back cover; black and white; half-art, half-text.

1 page illustration "Timber Wolves"

Genre animal; fact
Pencils American Museum of Natural History, N.Y. (photograph)
Inks American Museum of Natural History, N.Y. (photograph)
Colors American Museum of Natural History, N.Y. (photograph)
Letters typeset
Notes Back cover. Color photograph of a timber wolf diorama “courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History, N.Y.” with a few lines of text above.
Reprinted in Lone Ranger, The (Gold Key, 1964 series) #6