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Issue Details

Issue #141
Published July 2003
Cover Price $2.25
Pages 36
Editing Mike Marts

Cover Details

Characters Bishop
Genre Superhero
Pencils Phil Jimenez
Inks Phil Jimenez
Colors Chris Chuckry?
Letters Typeset

23 page X-Men story Murder at the Mansion Part Three: "Whodunit?"

Characters Bishop; Sage; Professor Xavier; Beak; Beast; Angel; Jean Grey; Emma Frost; Xorn; Stepford Cuckoos
Synopsis Bishop and Sage learn that Esme was behind the attempted murder of Emma Frost. Beak and Angel become parents. Esme leaves the Stepford Cuckoos and the X-Mansion.
Genre Superhero
Script Grant Morrison
Pencils Phil Jimenez
Inks Andy Lanning
Colors Chris Chuckry?
Letters Chris Eliopoulos?