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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published May 1987
Cover Price 1.50
Pages 36
Editing Mark Gruenwald; Ann Nocenti

Cover Details - "The Temptation of Magneto"

Characters Magneto; Storm; Wolverine; Captain America; She-Hulk
Genre superhero
Pencils Marc Silvestri
Inks Joe Rubinstein
Letters Typeset

23 page X-Men; Avengers story "Uneasy Allies"

Characters X-Men [Storm; Dazzler; Rogue; Wolverine; Havok; Magneto]; Avengers [Captain America; Dr. Druid; Captain Marvel [Photon]; Thor; Black Knight [Dane Whitman]; She-Hulk]; Soviet Super-Soldiers [Darkstar; Ursa Major; Vanguard; Titanium Man [Gremlin]; Crimson Dynamo]
Synopsis Magneto goes after some circutry from Asteroid M with the Avengers and the Soviet Super-Soldiers hot on his trail; The X-Men show up and it is truly a free for all; Maggie recovers his old helmet and some vital components from his fallen base.
Genre superhero
Script Roger Stern
Pencils Marc Silvestri
Inks Joe Rubinstein
Colors Christie Scheele
Letters Joe Rosen