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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published July 2001
Cover Price 2.25
Pages 36
Editing Ralph Macchio; Brian Smith (assistant editor)

Cover Details - "Meet The Enforcers"

Characters Spider-Man
Genre superhero

1 page Spidey Recap recap "Previously. . ."

Script Brian Michael Bendis?
Pencils Mark Bagley
Inks Art Thibert

21 page Ultimate Spider-Man story "Ox, you know what I'd like to do . . ."

Characters Spider-Man; Kingpin; J. Jonah Jameson; Kong; Flash Thompson; Mary Jane Watson; The Enforcers: Ox; Fancy Dan; Montana
Synopsis After defeating the Enforcers, Spider-Man begins an investigation into their employeer, The kingpin.
Genre superhero
Script Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils Mark Bagley
Inks Art Thibert
Reprinted In Target Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve (Marvel, 2004 series) #nn [edited]

1 page Spidey Letters letters page "Spidey Letters"

Pencils Mark Bagley
Inks Art Thibert
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from Dan Hakes, Ian Walker, Gary P. Gibson, Brandon Thomas and Alan L. with accompanying illustrations.