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Issue Details

Issue #16
Published June 1983
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 52
Editing Richard Pini

Cover Details

Characters Leetah
Genre fantasy
Pencils Wendy Pini
Inks Wendy Pini
Colors Wendy Pini

32 page Elfquest story "The Go-Backs"

Characters Rayek; Leetah; Cutter; Skywise; Kahvi (intro); Ekuar (intro); Two-Edge; Petalwing
Synopsis The Wolfriders meet the Go-Backs, Rayek recounts the story of his travels.
Genre fantasy
Script Wendy Pini (plot;script); Richard Pini (plot)
Pencils Wendy Pini
Inks Wendy Pini, Jane Fancher
Letters Wendy Pini
Reprinted in ElfQuest (Donning Company, 1981 series) #4; in ElfQuest (Marvel, 1985 series) #25 [part 1]; in ElfQuest (Marvel, 1985 series) #26 [part 2]

8 page A Distant Soil promo (ad from the publisher)

Genre science fiction
Script Colleen Doran; Richard Pini
Pencils Colleen Doran
Inks Colleen Doran
Reprinted in A Distant Soil #1

1 page illustration

Characters Two-Edge
Pencils Wendy Pini
Inks Wendy Pini
Colors Wendy Pini
Notes back cover