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Issue Details

Issue #76
Published February 2000
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 1.99 USD; 2.99 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Pete Franco (Assistant Editor); Mark Powers (Editor); Bob Harras (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "Apocalypse: The Twelve Part 6"

Characters Cable; Cyclops
Genre superhero
Pencils Bernard Chang (signed)
Inks Jon Holdredge (signed)
Colors Richard Horie (signed); Tanya Horie (signed)

22 page Cable story "In My Eyes"

Characters FEATURE: Cable; GUESTS: Stacey Kramer; Kenny Kramer; Irene Merryweather; Madelyne Pryor; Aliya Dayspring [Jenskot; in flashback]; The Twelve [Professor X; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Mikhail Rasputin; Magneto; Polaris; Storm; Sunfire; Iceman; Bishop; Living Monolith]; VILLAIN: Apocalypse
Synopsis With the Twelve captured and under Apocalypse's control and armageddon beginning to begin, Cable goes on a mind journey to resolve some issues and confront his parents one last time.
Genre superhero
Script Joe Pruett
Pencils Bernard Chang
Inks Jon Holdredge
Colors Brian Miller; Hi-Fi Colour Design
Letters Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Saida Temofonte
Notes Cont. from Uncanny #377; Cont in X-Men #97