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Issue Details

Issue #418
Published December 1996
Cover Price $1.50/$2.10 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Ralph Macchio; Joe Andreani (assistant)

Cover Details - "Revelations, Part 3 of 4"

Characters Spider-Man; Gaunt
Genre Superhero
Pencils Steve Skroce (signed)
Inks Bud LaRosa (signed)

22 page Spider-Man story "Revelations, Part 3 of 4: Torment"

Characters Spider-Man [Ben Reilly]; Peter Parker; Mary Jane Watson-Parker; Anna Watson; J. Jonah Jameson; Robbie Robertson; Angela Yin; Glory Grant; Arthur Stacy; Sgt. Tork; Doctor Folsome; Villains: Gaunt [Professor Mendel Stromm]; Chakra; Norman Osborn [Green Goblin; revealed to be alive]; Alison Mongrain (kidnaps the Parker's baby)
Synopsis Gaunt stands revealed, and he's now a walking arsenal! Can even the combined efforts of Ben and Peter stop his mission of vengeance? Meanwhile, Mary Jane is going into painful labor, without Peter by her side, and under the watchful eye of the mysterious mastermind behind Gaunt! It all comes together, complete with a last panel reveal that will have all fandom gasping! [per next issue box]
Genre Superhero
Script Tom DeFalco
Pencils Steve Skroce
Inks Bud LaRosa
Colors Bob Sharen (colors); Graphic Colorworks (separations)
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft
Notes Story continued from The Sensational Spider-Man (1996) #11 and story continues in Spider-Man (1990) #75.

1 page letters page "The Spider's Web"

Letters Typeset
Notes Letters from readers.