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Issue Details

Issue #20
Published August 1999
Cover Price $1.99
Pages 36
Editing Bobbie Chase; Brian Smith (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Captain America; Sharon Carter
Genre superhero
Pencils Andy Kubert
Inks Jesse Delperdang (?)
Letters Typeset

16 page Captain America story "Danger in the Air!"

Characters FEATURE: Captain America; GUESTS: U.S.Agent; Connie Ferrari; Sharon Carter; Dum Dum Dugan; Shield; VILLAINS: AIM
Synopsis Cap is talking to Dugan about Sharon's whereabouts when all of the technology in Shield's headquarters starts to destruct.
Genre superhero
Script Mark Waid
Pencils Andy Kubert
Inks Jesse Delperdang
Colors Gregory Wright
Letters Todd Klein

6 page Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos story "Sgt. Fury in Bloodline"

Characters FEATURE: Nick Fury; GUESTS: Howling Commandos (Dum Dum Dugan; Gabe; Rebel); VILLAIN: Baron Blood
Synopsis Fury and his men are captured by Baron Blood in this WWII tale.
Genre war
Script Bill Rosemann
Pencils Vince Evans
Inks Vince Evans
Letters Todd Klein
Notes Black and white story with grey tones.