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Issue Details

Issue #33
Published September 2001
Cover Price $2.25
Pages 36
Editing Axel Alonso; John Miesegaes (Assistant Editor)
Notes Ongoing issue #474.

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Ezekiel; Spider-Man
Genre Superhero
Pencils J. Scott Campbell (signed)
Inks Tim Townsend (signed)
Colors Dan Kemp; Avalon Studios (signed)
Notes Ongoing issue #474.

22 page Spider-Man story "All Fall Down"

Characters Morlun; Spider-Man; Ezekiel; Dex
Genre Superhero
Script J. Michael Straczynski
Pencils John Romita, Jr.
Inks Scott Hanna
Colors Dan Kemp; Avalon Studios
Letters Richard Starkings; Saida Temofonte [as Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Saida]

1 page letters page "The Spider's Web"

Notes 16 letters of comment by Sean Kleefeld, Matt J. Kaufenberg, Scott Breese, Mark Adams, Peter John Rios, David Horne, Chris Wright, Ezra Gallo, Justin M. Herald, James Fraser, Terence Connors P.M.M., Dusty Fincher, Martin Dallard, Lt. Jarrod "J-Bone" Alberich, Ed Hernandez, Glenn Anderson.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Marvel Subscription Form"

Notes House Advertisement for Marvel Comics Series (subscription page).

11 page advertisement "Ads"

Notes Total of 11 one-page advertisements for: Tobacco is Whacko (anti-drugs, Lorillard), Marvel Character Appearances Program (promotion,, Capt'n Crunch's Smashed Berries (cereal, QOC), Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers (candy, Nabisco), Frosted Flakes (cereal, Kellogg), Bionicle (toys, LEGO), Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (tv, Cartoon Network, 3 pages), Lunchables Fun Snacks (snack, Kraft Foods), Juicy Fruit (chewing gum, Wrigley).