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Issue Details

Issue #35
Published July 2002
Cover Price $3.50
Pages 52
Editing David Bogart; Mark Beazley (Assistant); C.B. Cebulski (Associate)

Cover Details

Characters Rogue; Wolverine
Genre superhero
Pencils Keu Cha (Painted)
Inks Keu Cha (Painted)
Colors Keu Cha (Painted)
Letters Typeset

16 page Jean Grey story "Triptych"

Characters FEATURE: Jean Grey; GUEST: Joel Haines; VILLAIN: Sabretooth
Synopsis A young goth kid who worships mutants is outed as one himself in a battle between Jean and Sabretooth.
Genre superhero
Script John Smith
Pencils David Finch
Inks John Livesay
Colors Matt Milla; Avalon Studios
Letters Randy Gentile

10 page X-Men story "Unhappy Anniversary"

Characters FEATURE: Rogue; Wolverine; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Professor X; Nightcrawler; Colossus; Storm; Kitty Pryde; Mystique; Ms. Marvel [Carol Danvers]
Synopsis Rogue takes on some rowdy strip club patrons who ran her off the road while she was "borrowing" Wolvie's motorcycle.
Genre superhero
Script Jimmy Palmiotti
Pencils Amanda Connor
Inks Jimmy Palmiotti
Colors Paul Mounts
Letters Randy Gentile

13 page X-Men story "X-Men: The Untold Story"

Characters FEATURE: Blake Lanceton [as Professor X]; Ashleigh McLaire [as Shadowcat]; Thad Toddly [as Cyclops]; Danny B [as Beast]; Slab Stonewall [as Wolverine]; Lockheed [as Himself]; VILLAINS: Friends of Humanity; A Sentinel's Foot; CAMEOS: Professor X; Cyclops; Beast; Storm; Wolverine
Synopsis The Friends of Humanity invade the filming of a movie based on the X-Men.
Genre superhero
Script Gail Simone
Pencils Kevin Maguire
Inks Wade Von Grawbadger
Colors Andy Troy; Avalon Studios
Letters Randy Gentile
Notes Blake as Xavier emotes in the stilted dramatics of James Tiberius Kirk; Lockheed talks like Jar Jar Binks from the Star Wars Prequels; Jokes abound.