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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published August 2002
Cover Price $2.99
Pages 36
Editing Scott Wherle

Cover Details - "Face Off !"

Characters Snake-Eyes vs. Storm Shadow
Genre war
Pencils Mike Zeck
Inks Mike Zeck
Colors Hi-Fi Colour Design

22 page G.I. Joe story "Reckonings Part 4"

Characters G.I. Joe--Hawk, Flint, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Wet-Suit, Stalker, Clutch, Beach-Head, Stalker, Main Frame, Kamakura, Green Shirts; GV: Storm Shadow; GC: Zartan, Zarana, Dreadnoks
Synopsis Snake-Eyes and the Joes chase Storm Shadow through Joe HQ, but the Cobra ninja escapes.
Genre war
Script Josh Blaylock
Pencils Josh Blaylock (Layouts); Steve Kurth
Inks John Larter; Barb Schulz; Ray Snyder
Colors Hi-Fi Colour Design
Letters Dreamer Design

1 page G.I. Joe (backcovers) *do not use* / *please fix* "Back Cover"

Characters Flint
Genre war
Pencils David Michael Beck
Inks David Michael Beck
Colors David Michael Beck