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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published July 2003
Cover Price $2.25
Pages 36
Editing Joan Hilty; Harvey Richards (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Batman; Society of Shadows
Genre superhero
Pencils Bruce Timm (?)
Inks Bruce Timm (?)

17 page Batman story "Free Man"

Characters Batman; Riddler; Society of Shadows; Julie Madison; Alfred Pennyworth; Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]
Synopsis The Society of Shadows targets the Riddler.
Genre superhero
Script Ty Templeton
Pencils Rick Burchett
Inks Terry Beatty
Colors Lee Loughridge
Letters Phil Felix

5 page Batman story "Fowl Play"

Characters Batman [as "Matches" Malone]; Penguin; Rupert Thorne; Renee Montoya; Ms. Partridge; Mr. Stork; Ms. Peacock
Synopsis Rupert Thorne is doublecrossed by the Penguin, to Batman's surprise and frustration.
Genre superhero
Script Dan Slott
Pencils Ty Templeton
Inks Terry Beatty
Colors Zylonol
Letters Phil Felix