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Issue Details

Issue #21
Published September 2003
Cover Price 2.25 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stephen Wacker

Cover Details - "Weird Science!"

Characters Superman; Flash [Wally West]; Wonder Woman; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Hawkgirl; Dominators
Genre superhero
Pencils Eric Wight

22 page Justice League of America story "Sanctuary"

Characters Superman; Hawkgirl; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Batman: Martian Manhunter; Wonder Woman; Flash [Wally West]; Kayla Ardeen; Dominators; Cosmic Boy (cameo); Saturn Girl (cameo); Triplicate Girl (cameo); Chameleon Boy (cameo); Brainiac 5 (cameo)
Genre superhero
Script John Ostrander
Pencils Min S. Ku
Inks Rob Leigh
Colors Heroic Age (Separations), John Kalisz
Letters Phil Felix