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Issue Details

Issue #19
Published September-October 1947
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Whitney Ellsworth; Bernard Breslauer ?

Cover Details

Characters Penniless Palmer
Genre humor

5 page Penniless Palmer story "Noodle Boodle"

Characters Penniless Palmer
Synopsis Foodle Noodle Soup has billboards telling you not to buy the soup and Penniless knows there's bad dooings going on
Genre humor
Pencils Thurston Harper
Inks Thurston Harper

5 page Two-Gun Percy story "The Subduing of Saw-Tooth Sam!"

Characters Two-Gun Percy
Synopsis Two-Gun chases Saw-tooth Sam, bank robber to the big city.
Genre humor
Pencils Jimmy Thompson
Inks Jimmy Thompson

5 page Silly Willy story "Lightning Bugs"

Characters Willy Nillie
Genre humor
Script Tom McNamara
Pencils Tom McNamara (signed)
Inks Tom McNamara

6 page Peaceful Phil story "Fracas Among Friends"

Characters Peaceful Phil
Synopsis Phil tries to stop a fight
Genre humor
Script Phil Berube
Pencils Phil Berube (signed)
Inks Phil Berube

6 page Cave-Man Curly story "The Old Skin Game"

Characters Cave-Man Curly
Synopsis Lose a skin and invent a new idea
Genre humor
Script Joseph Sulman
Pencils Joseph Sulman
Inks Joseph Sulman

2 page story "Never Too Old"

Genre humor
Script Stan Carter [Carter Woods?]
Letters typeset
Notes id from Jerry Bails' pen name list

4 page Three-Ring Binks story

Synopsis Thutty Years Ago, Binks had a pelican in his shoe
Genre humor
Script Jack Farr
Pencils Jack Farr (signed)
Inks Jack Farr

5 page Tinkerman Tad story "Dust or Bust"

Characters Tinkerman Tad
Synopsis How about Dust and Bust?
Genre humor
Pencils Thurston Harper (signed)
Inks Thurston Harper

4 page Dover and Clover story "The Satisfied Schozzolas!"

Characters Dover and Clover
Synopsis Don't be caught red-handed read the sign, but D&C don't see beneath it: use Anti-Rough Hand Lotion
Genre humor
Pencils Henry Bolitnoff
Inks Henry Bolitnoff
Letters Henry Boltinoff

1 page Dick Tracy advertisement

Synopsis Kid fools crooks with his Tracy Tommy Gun
Genre humor
Notes ad for Dick Tracy Rapid Fire Tommy Gun with free Tracy Badge