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Issue Details

Issue #72
Published February 1948
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Ralph Daigh (Editorial Director); Al Allard (Art Director)

Cover Details - "no title indexed"

Synopsis Full-page, front cover photo depicts a young couple standing at an open door in the moonlight. The issue's four stories are listed on the lower portion of the page.
Genre Romance
Pencils ? (photo)
Inks ? (photo)
Colors ? (photo)
Letters Typeset

1 page Star Mates text article "Horoscope"

Synopsis Full-page, inside front cover, 7-panel comic book page format horoscope for Aquarius.
Genre Fact; Horoscope

1 page foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "Table of Contents"

Synopsis List of the four titles in the issue plus the series two features, "Star Mates" and "Dream-Beau of the Month".
Genre Romance
Letters Typeset
Editing Will Lieberson (Executive Editor); Roy Ald (Editor)

15 page story "Scared - Of Love"

Characters Ann Curtis; Mark Reed; Aunt Ellen
Synopsis Ann Curtis is prim and proper in all things, and living with her elderly and repressive Aunt Ellen. Ann meets Mark Reed, a spontaneous, fun-loving young man, and they begin dating. Ann falls in love but considers Mark's pleasure in simple things such as running to the top of a hill on a spring day or playing games at a birthday party childish and undignified. In spite of their differences, they decide to marry. Before the wedding takes place however, Mark drops Ann citing her joyless stiffness and unyielding correctness in everything as the reasons. Time passes and Ann quietly acknowledges her mistakes and relaxes a bit. She meets Mark again, and, when Mark discovers she has softened somewhat, the two renew their relationship.
Genre Romance

11 page story "Wanted: The Perfect Man"

Characters Marge; Edna and Kay (Marge's roommates); Gene Towns
Synopsis Marge wants absolute perfection in the men she dates and drops one after another when they fall short of her standards. She is attracted to Gene Towns and they date, but Marge criticizes his hairstyle, his clothes, and the way he holds her when he kisses her. He takes offense at her incessant critiques, and drops her. One day, he reappears at her door, having made the changes in his style and life she wanted. Although he is now everything she wanted in a man, Marge realizes that what she loved was the old Gene with all his little imperfections rather than the new, perfect Gene. Later, he admits he pulled the make-over stunt to teach her a lesson. He resumes his old self, and Marge is delighted.
Genre Romance

2 page The Happiness and Heatbreak of Vicki Carr text story "Love's Sacrifice"

Characters Vicki Carr
Synopsis The third chapter in an ongoing tale about nurse Vicki Carr.
Genre Romance
Script John Messmann
Letters Typeset

10 page story "Betrayed By My Temper"

Characters Ginger; Bill Monroe; Evey Monroe (Bill's aunt)
Synopsis Ginger is a redhead with a terrible temper. She dates Bill but their times together are spoiled by her rages. On one occasion, her temper flares and she crashes Bill's vehicle into a tree. It's the last straw for Bill and he drops her. Ginger feels great guilt and wants to make amends by paying for his vehicle. She gets a job in a tea room and is forced to control her temper on the job or suffer termination. Bill enters one day and observes her great control in a trying situation. He admires the change in Ginger and the two renew their relationship.
Genre Romance

10 page story "I Led Him On"

Characters Betty Kress; Tom; Kurt Wilson; Betty's father
Synopsis Betty and Tom are lovers living in Ridgeway but Tom works far from home. They are together only on weekends. Kurt Wilson, am associate in her father's business, is new in town, lonely, and asks Betty out. She accepts his invitations to dinner, the theater, and art galleries, and his small gifts such as a bracelet and earrings. Her father criticizes her conduct but she dismisses him as an old fuddy-duddy. One evening, Betty decides to end her relationship with Kurt because she believes Tom is about to propose. Kurt is hurt and angry, and, when Tom learns of what was occurring behind his back, he drops Betty. Betty feels guiltly and ashamed and she is inconsolable. Time passes, and, after her father intervenes, Tom forgives Betty and she accepts his proposal. Kurt is promoted and transferred.
Genre Romance

1 page Dream-Beau of the Month biography (nonfictional) "Guy Madison"

Synopsis Full-page, inside back cover, 8-panel comic book page format biography of actor Guy Madison.
Genre Fact; Biography

1 page Dream-Beau of the Month illustration "Guy Madison"

Synopsis Full-page, back cover photo of actor Guy Madison.
Genre Fact; Biography
Letters Typeset