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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published December 1986
Cover Price 1.95 USD
Pages 36
Editing Hal Jones
Notes This is a wraparound cover.

Cover Details

Characters Solar Knight (on front); Crimehater; Equalizers (on back)
Genre Super-Hero
Pencils Hal Jones
Inks Hal Jones
Notes This is a wraparound cover.

32 page story "Initiations"

Characters Elwin Cooley [Lord Sinister]; Dr Robert Todd; Julie Todd; Robert Todd Jr [Solar Knight]; Professor Oztreium; Shark Maxwell; Thomas Masters; Lucy Masters; James Masters [Crimehater]; Major Book; Dr James Hancock [Doc Lazer]; John Bachman [Gigantus]; Richard Crate [Gunner]; Gregory Doyle [Agility]; Nathaniel Gilmore [Bolt]; Karl Johnson [Arsenal]; Michael Tall-Tree [Stalker]; Ben Winters [Basher]; Kramer; Professor Daemond
Genre Super-Hero
Script Hal Jones
Pencils Hal Jones; Scooter Tidwell
Inks Hal Jones; Todd Shelnutt
Letters Keith Hinson