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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published July 1990
Cover Price 1.75 USD; 2.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Tony Caputo (Editor in chief); Katy Llewellyn (Editor); Diane Piron (Assistant editor)

Cover Details - "The Green Hornet"

Characters Green Hornet IV
Genre Superhero; Crime
Pencils Dell Barras (painting) (signed)
Inks Dell Barras (painting) (signed)
Colors Dell Barras (painting) (signed)
Notes Green Hornet IV's mask is incorrectly rendered as stopping atop his nose, as those of the second and third Hornets did.

22 page Green Hornet story "On The Pad Part Two"

Characters Green Hornet IV [Paul Reid]; Kato III [Mishi Kato]; Narcotics dealer Jose Truizar and his five gang members; Police Capt. Roger Thornston; DEA agent Tony Hamil; Diana Reid; Chance Jones; Emery Jones; Karate instructor Jon "J.J." Allan, Jr. (introduction); Reid Tower custodian Alexander; one uniform cop; Lt. Mike (?)
Synopsis Concluded from last issue: The Hornet and Kato save Capt. Thornston from the ambush, but some of the gang, including leader Jose Truizar himself, escape. As the gang's attempt on the captain's life clears him of being their informant, the masked heroes turn their attentions on the one other suspect, DEA agent Hamil, and pay him a visit, offering him a bribe. However, his reactions are similarly incompatible with guilt, stalling the investigation. Mishi starts moving into her new apartment. A passing encounter with Reid Tower's custodian gives Paul a brainstorm, and a check of the records shows that the wife of the police headquarters' janitor is Truizar's sister. A bug is found, a trap is set, and Truizar and company are rounded up.
Genre Crime; super-hero
Script Ron Fortier
Pencils Jeff Butler
Inks David Mowry
Colors Suzanne Dechnik; Holly Sanfelippo
Letters Pat [Patrick] Williams
Reprinted in "Green Hornet, The" (hardback book), NOW Comics & Bonus Books, 1990.

2 page The Buzz Word letters page

Characters Green Hornet I
Synopsis Letters from M.D. Norton, Tony Heintzleman, Willie R. Mellen, Robert Kowalski, Dick Pfister and Jon Marshall, with editorial responses.
Script Diane Piron; Ron Fortier (reprinted panel)
Pencils Jeff Butler
Inks David Mowry
Letters Typeset; Dan Nakrosis (reprinted panel)
Notes The entire feature, except for the reprinted panel, has a yellow background.
Reprinted from Sequence 1 of this series' first issue, page 5, panel 1, in b/w.

Half page NOW ON SALE promo (ad from the publisher)

Synopsis Listings for nine current Now Comics releases, with creative talent credits and synopses.
Notes The entire feature has a light blue background and appeared on the next-to-last interior page of most NOW releases of this cover date; the bottom half of the page is a paid ad.

1 page NOW Newsflash promo (ad from the publisher)

Synopsis An essay announcing the release of a trade paperback reprint collection of the miniseries, Terminator: The Burning Earth, and the new comic series Supercops. Also included is the boxed list of NOW's staff.
Script Katherine Llewellyn
Pencils Eddy Newell
Inks Villagran Studios
Letters Typeset
Notes The entire feature has a blue background, and appeared on the last interior page of most NOW releases of this cover date.
Reprinted from Supercops (#1?), one illustration in b/w.