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Issue Details

Issue #58
Published October 1991
Cover Price 1.00 USD; 1.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Dan Raspler

Cover Details - "War of the Gods, Part 19"

Characters Suicide Squad [Bronze Tiger; Captain Boomerang; Count Vertigo; Floyd Lawton [Deadshot]; Nightshade]; Black Adam; Firehawk
Genre Superhero; Spy
Pencils Geof Isherwood (signed)
Inks Karl Kesel (signed)

22 page Suicide Squad story "Suicide Attack!"

Characters Suicide Squad [Amanda Waller; Bronze Tiger [Ben Turner]; Captain Boomerang [George Harkness; also as Digger]; Count Vertigo [Werner Vertigo]; Floyd Lawton [Deadshot]; Major Victory; Nightshade [Eve Eden]; Thinker [Cliff Carmichael]]; Mark Shaw; Mari McCabe [Vixen] (leaves team); Simon LaGrieve; Captains of Industry [Catalyst; Firehawk [Lorraine Reilly]; Silver Swan [Valerie Beaudry]; Maser [Hal Jordan]]; Black Adam [Teth-Adam]; Javelin; Enforcer [Mica] (dies); The Writer [Grant Morrison](dies); Karma [Wayne Hawkins]; Outlaw [John Henry Martin]; Sportsmaster [Victor Gover]; Poison Ivy [Pamela Isley]; Pariah; VILLAINS: Werebeasts
Synopsis Black Adam recruits the Squad to attack Circe's island.
Genre Superhero; Spy
Script John Ostrander; Kim Yale
Pencils Geof Isherwood
Inks Robert Campanella
Colors Tom McCraw
Letters Todd Klein
Notes This is part 19 of the WAR OF THE GODS crossover. Features Grant Morrison as The Writer.

2 page Suicide Notes letters page "Suicide Notes"

Script Dan Raspler
Pencils Geof Isherwood
Inks Karl Kesel
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Patrick Ross, Sir Jon Johnson, R. Kevin Doyle, Paul Chin and Brian Ott - and responses from Dan Raspler. Preview of cover to SUICIDE SQUAD #59.