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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published [September] 2003
Cover Price 4.99 USD; 6.99 CAD
Pages 52
Editing Bill Morrison; Terry Delegeane (managing editor)

Cover Details

Characters Homer Simpson; Bart Simpson
Genre Humor; Sitcom; Family; Horror
Pencils Bill Morrison (signed)
Inks Bill Morrison (signed)

18 page Simpsons; Lord of the Rings story "Ring Around the Simpsons"

Characters Homer Simpson; Marge Simpson; Bart Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Maggie Simpson; The Fellowship [Sam Gamgee; Frodo Baggins; Gandalf the Grey; Aragorn; Legolas Greenleaf; Gimli; Peregrin 'Pippin' Took]; Saruman: Gollum; Sauron
Synopsis Dan Brereton joins forces with Ian Boothby to paint a tale of a small resolute band of nine, all on a mission to rid Middle Earth of an unspeakable evil. Suddenly, the Simpsons show up and the fellowship is broken. [per solicitation]
Genre Humor; Sitcom; Family; Horror; Adventure
Script Ian Boothby
Pencils Dan Brereton
Inks Dan Brereton
Colors Dan Brereton
Letters Karen Bates
Notes This is a parody of "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring".

12 page Simpsons story "The Cask of Amontilla-D'oh"

Characters Homer Simpson; Moe Szyslak; Bart Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Maggie Simpson; Carl; Lenny; Barney Gumble (deceased); Comic Book Guy; Mr. Burns [Charles Montgomery Burns]; Waylon Smithers; Herman; Dr. Marvin Monroe (dies)
Synopsis Paul Dini spins a scary story of murder, torture, and revenge as Moe exacts a pound of flesh from Homer.
Genre Humor; Sitcom; Family; Horror
Script Paul Dini
Pencils Dan Brereton
Inks Ted Naifeh
Colors Nathan Kane
Letters Karen Bates

14 page Simpsons story "From Hell and Back or: The Truer Story of Jack the Ripper"

Characters Inspector Abberline Simpson; Margie Kelly; Reverend Lovejoy; Lurleen Nicholls (dies); Joe Diamond [Joe Quimby]; Number One; Chief Wiggum; Officer Lou; Officer Eddie; Moe Szyslak; Barney Gumble; Luanne Eddowes (dies); Sir William 'Gully' Burns [Jack the Ripper]; Waylon Smithers; John Merrick [the Elephant Man]; Dr. Farrell Monroe; Edna Chapman (dies); Doris (dies)
Synopsis Gary Spencer Millidge visits merry olde England for a rippingly uproarious and bloodily delirious take on the most famous serial killer of all time. [per solicitation]
Genre Humor; Sitcom; Family; Horror
Script Gary Spencer Millidge
Pencils Gary Spencer Millidge
Inks Gary Spencer Millidge
Colors Nathan Kane
Letters Gary Spencer Millidge

1 page Simpsons (backcovers) *do not use* / *please fix* "Margie's Baby"

Characters Marge Simpson; Bart Simpson
Genre Humor; Sitcom; Family; Horror
Pencils Phil Noto (signed)
Inks Phil Noto (signed)
Colors Phil Noto (signed)
Letters Phil Noto ?
Notes An homage to the movie poster for "Rosemary's Baby."