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Issue Details

Issue #26
Published December 2006
Cover Price $2.25
Pages 40
Editing Michael Wright

Cover Details

Characters Aquaman; Superman; Dr. Fate; Booster Gold; Black Manta
Genre superhero
Pencils Ty Templeton (signed)
Inks Ty Templeton

20 page Justice League Unlimited story "The Ghosts of Atlantis"

Characters Superman; Aquaman; Booster Gold; Dr. Fate; Black Manta; Felix Faust; Zatanna (cameo); Wonder Woman (cameo); Captain Atom (cameo); Ice (cameo)
Synopsis Giant stone statues under the control of Felix Faust and Black Manta attack Atlantis and Aquaman calls the JLU for help.
Genre superhero
Script Bill Williams
Pencils Carlo Barberi
Inks Zach Howard
Colors Heroic Age
Letters Mike Sellers

1 page Let the Mail Begin! letters page

Characters Superman; Batman; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz; Supergirl [Kara In-Ze]; Steel
Letters typeset
Notes Letters and art submitted by Conner Dyer; Timothy McHale; Justin; Jack Welage; Mike Carreon; Anthony; Alex Runowski; Jordan Magpoc