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Issue Details

Issue #42
Published December 1st 1973
Frequency Weekly
Cover Price 0.05 GBP
Pages 32
Editing Peter L. Skingley

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man; Vulture II
Genre Superhero
Pencils Gil Kane
Inks John Romita
Notes Cover (with alterations) from Marvel Tales # 34.

19 page Spider-Man story "The Wings Of The Vulture"

Characters Spider-Man (Peter Parker); Vulture I (Adrian Toomes); Vulture II (Blackie Drago); Harry Osborn; Gwen Stacy; Professor Warren; J. Jonah Jameson; Kraven The Hunter; Mary Jane Watson; Aunt May
Synopsis The original Vulture lies dying and tells his cellmate where to find his wings.
Genre Superhero
Script Stan Lee
Pencils John Romita
Inks John Romita
Letters Sam Rosen
Notes This reprint omits the original color.
Reprinted From Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel, 1963 series) #48 (May 1967)

7 page Thor story "The Day Of The Destroyer"

Characters Thor; The Destroyer; Loki
Synopsis It seems the Destroyer is even stronger than Thor.
Genre Superhero
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Vince Colletta
Letters Artie Simek
Notes This reprint is in black and white.
Reprinted From Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #119 (August 1965)