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Issue Details

Issue #35
Published Early September 2004
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 3.85 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Stephen Wacker

Cover Details - "For No Better Reason, Part One"

Characters Dreamer; Devil
Genre Superhero
Pencils Adam Hughes
Inks Adam Hughes

22 page Legion of Super-Heroes story "For No Better Reason, Part One: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"

Characters Legion of Super-Heroes [Karate Kid [Val Armorr]; Umbra; Ultra Boy; Chameleon; Apparition; Violet; Brainiac 5; Timber Wolf; Chuck Taine; Gear; Cosmic Boy (image only); Kid Quantum [Jazmin Cullen] (image only); Ferro (image only); Dreamer; M'Onel (image only); Spark (image only); Wildfire]; Pinter DeRoy; Taan; President Winema Wazzo; Trudy Trusoe; Arrow; Devil; Canary; Renslie; Lialla (Persuader's daughter); Persuader; Lantern
Synopsis As Karate Kid transports Pinter DeRoy to the floating maximum security prison Oasis One, the Legionnaires are being honored immediately below in the center of Metropolis. Chuck Taine contacts Brainiac 5 during the ceremony to inform him that Dreamer has gone missing. She has been taken by Devil, who uses Dreamer's abilities to enhance her comrade Canary's ability to knock out all the power in the Metropolis Hub, including the floating Oasis One, leaving the Legionnaires and President Wazzo vulnerable to a sniper.
Genre Superhero
Script Gail Simone
Pencils Dan Jurgens (breakdowns)
Inks Andy Smith (finishes)
Colors Sno-Cone
Letters Rob Leigh