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Issue Details

Issue #446
Published September 2004
Cover Price $2.25
Pages 36
Editing Mike Marts

Cover Details

Characters Sage; Wolverine; Nightcrawler; Storm; the Fury
Genre Superhero
Pencils Alan Davis
Inks Mark Farmer
Letters Typeset

22 page X-Men story "The End of History Part Three: Burning Sage!"

Characters Features: Storm; Sage; Cannonball; Bishop; Nightcrawler; Wolverine; Marvel Girl; Guest Stars: The Fury; Cyclops; Emma Frost; Moonstar; Beast; Rogue
Synopsis The Fury takes control of Sage and attacks the mansion.
Genre Superhero
Script Chris Claremont
Pencils Alan Davis
Inks Mark Farmer
Colors Frank D'Armata
Letters Virtual Calligraphy's Rus Wooton
Reprinted in Uncanny X-Men - The New Age: The End of History (Marvel, 2004 series) #[nn]