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Bid History: Naughty Raptor Print by Budd Root

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Bid Time
--- 9:16:00 PM CDT Mar 30 The auction closed at this time. No bids were received within the previous three minutes.
--- 9:13:00 PM CDT Mar 30 This is three minutes before the originally scheduled end time. Any bids placed from this point on will automatically extend the bidding three minutes.
$31.00 9:10:11 PM CDT Mar 30 This was the winning bid. The bidder's secret max bid might have been higher than this amount.
$28.00 9:00:47 PM CDT Mar 30
$20.00 12:15:07 PM CDT Mar 30
$30.00 7:03:08 PM CDT Mar 27
$15.00 2:46:04 PM CDT Mar 27
$14.00 8:20:21 PM CDT Mar 26
$10.00 8:20:16 PM CDT Mar 26
$12.00 5:34:37 PM CDT Mar 25
$5.00 5:15:19 PM CDT Mar 24
$5.00 10:53:29 PM CDT Mar 23