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Bid History: Gee What Subtle Imagery Print by Budd Root

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--- 8:40:06 PM CST Nov 11 The auction closed at this time. No bids were received within the previous three minutes.
--- 8:38:45 PM CST Nov 11 Auction originally scheduled to end at this time.
$18.00 8:37:06 PM CST Nov 11 This was the winning bid. The bidder's secret max bid might have been higher than this amount. Bidding extended 3 minutes to 8:40:06 PM CST.
$15.00 8:36:31 PM CST Nov 11 Bidding extended 3 minutes to 8:39:31 PM CST.
--- 8:35:45 PM CST Nov 11 This is three minutes before the auction's originally scheduled end time. Any bids placed from this point on will automatically extend the bidding three minutes.
$17.00 11:14:09 PM CST Nov 10
$10.00 8:43:35 PM CST Nov 9
$11.00 1:27:25 AM CST Nov 9
$7.00 9:06:14 PM CST Nov 7
$5.00 6:33:31 PM CST Nov 6
$5.00 7:06:46 AM CST Nov 5