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Auction in progress, bid now! Weekly Auction ends Monday August 17!

Bid History: Batman (1940) 614 CGC 9.6

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Bid Time
--- 7:41:03 PM CDT Jul 6 The auction closed at this time. No bids were received within the previous three minutes.
$45.00 7:38:03 PM CDT Jul 6 This bid happens to be the same amount as the bid placed at 7:36:27 PM CDT Jul 6, but because that other bid was placed first this bid was not enough to beat it. Bidding extended 3 minutes to 7:41:03 PM CDT.
--- 7:38:00 PM CDT Jul 6 Auction originally scheduled to end at this time.
$45.00 7:36:27 PM CDT Jul 6 This was the winning bid. The bidder's secret max bid might have been higher than this amount. This bid might have shown up at a lower amount when it was first submitted, but subsequent bids have pushed this bid up. Bidding extended 3 minutes to 7:39:27 PM CDT.
--- 7:35:00 PM CDT Jul 6 This is three minutes before the auction's originally scheduled end time. Any bids placed from this point on will automatically extend the bidding three minutes.
$40.00 9:20:44 AM CDT Jul 2
$37.00 9:20:40 AM CDT Jul 2
$35.00 9:20:32 AM CDT Jul 2
$40.00 7:15:59 AM CDT Jul 2
$31.00 11:10:10 PM CDT Jul 1
$25.00 10:07:14 PM CDT Jul 1
$20.00 7:50:15 PM CDT Jul 1
$10.00 9:48:42 PM CDT Jun 30
$4.00 3:43:13 PM CDT Jun 30
$2.00 10:28:33 AM CDT Jun 30
$15.00 10:51:15 PM CDT Jun 29