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Rotten (2009 Moonstone) 6 comic book

  • Issue #6
    Rotten (2009 Moonstone) 6

    Frostbite: Part 3 of 3 - Written by Mark Rahner and Robert Horton. Art by Dan Dougherty. Our heroes are snowbound in a mountain fort with debauched, mutinous soldiers, a powerful war profiteer, and his gorilla of a henchman! They are beseiged by an undead Donner Party, but have no ammo! How in the name of St. Patrick are a one-armed Agent Wade and his partner Flynn going to survive the utterly nasty conclusion? 'It's Deadwood by way of Stephen King. It's Undeadwood. It's witty, it's disturbing, and it's a must-read.' -Mark Waid. Cover price $3.99.