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Orion TPB (2018 DC) By Walt Simonson 1-1ST graphic novel

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Orion TPB (2018 DC) By Walt Simonson 1-1ST Orion TPB (2018 DC) By Walt Simonson 1-1ST

    Volume - 1st printing. Collects material from Orion (2000-2002 DC) 1-11, Showcase 94 (1994) #1, DC Universe Holiday Bash (1997) #1, New Gods Secret Files (1998), Secret Origins of Super Villains 80-Page Giant (1999), Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page (1998-2000) #2.

    Written by Walter Simonson, Eric Stephenson, Howard Chaykin, Jeph Loeb and Scott Beatty. Art by Walter Simonson, Dave Gibbons, Erik Larsen, Al Gordon, Howard Chaykin, Bob Wiacek, Rob Liefeld, Norm Rapmund, Arthur Adams, Jose Garcia-Lopez, Sal Buscema, Lee Loughridge, John Costanza, Jon Bogdanove, Bill Reinhold, and Klaus Janson. Cover by Walter Simonson.

    Legendary writer/artist Walter Simonson takes on Jack Kirby's Fourth World! These tales star the heroes and villains of the Fourth World as Darkseid seeks the Anti-Life Equation and Orion battles to stop him!

    Softcover, full color. Cover price $29.99.