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Superman Blue TPB (2018 DC) 1-1ST graphic novel

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Superman Blue TPB (2018 DC) 1-1ST Superman Blue TPB (2018 DC) 1-1ST
    Published Jul 2018 by DC.

    1st printing. Collects Superman (1987-2011 2nd Series) #122-125, Adventures of Superman (1987-2006) #545-547, Action Comics (1938-2011 DC) #732-734, Superman: The Man of Steel (1991-2003) #67-69 and Superman (1987-2011 2nd Series) Annual #9.

    Written by by Dan Jurgens, Karl Kesel, David Michelinie, and Louise Simonson. Art by Ron Frenz, Stuart Immonen, Joe Rubinstein, Scot Eaton, Jose Marzan, Jr., Tom Grummett, Denis Rodier, Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke, Sean Chen, and Bret Breeding. Cover by Dan Jurgens and Joe Rubinstein.

    When the sun temporarily goes out, Superman temporarily loses his powers...but when they return, they are not what the Man of Steel expects! Clark Kent is suddenly transformed into a being of crackling blue energy, complete with new abilities and a totally new look! And before long, the villainous Cyborg Superman splits the Man of Steel into two beings: Superman Red and Superman Blue! Will Metropolis have two protectors?

    Softcover, 376 pages, full color. Cover price $24.99.