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Marvel-Verse Black Widow TPB (2020 Marvel) 1-1ST graphic novel

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Marvel-Verse Black Widow TPB (2020 Marvel) 1-1ST Marvel-Verse Black Widow TPB (2020 Marvel) 1-1ST

    1st printing. Collects stories from Marvel Adventures: Avengers (2006-2009) #21, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes (2010-2012 2nd Series) #10 and 17, Marvel Team-Up (1972-1985 1st Series) #141, Marvel Comics Presents (1988-1995) #53 and 93, and Enter the Heroic Age (2010).

    Written by Marc Sumerak, Tom DeFalco, Fabian Nicieza, Dan Slott, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Paul Tobin. Art by Ig Guara,Jay Guara, Rodney Buchemi, Greg Adams, Chris Sotomayor, Amilcar Pinna, Jim Owsley, Greh LaRocque, Rob Liefeld, Bob Wiacek, Dwayne Turner, and Jamie McKelvie. Cover by George Perez.

    Black Widow is one of the Marvel-Verse's greatest heroes - and these are her most thrilling adventures!

    When the Crimson Dynamo invades Avengers Tower, a certain superspy is on his trail! Spider-Man must beware the Black Widow in the classic tale that introduced Natasha Romanoff's most iconic costume! Then, the Widow is torn between her heroic partnership with Daredevil and a place in the ranks of the Avengers!

    Plus: Before there was a Black Widow, there was the Red Room - a brutal KGB training ground! Now a deadly mission casts Natasha's mind back to her escape from the Red Room - and the unlikely ally who assisted her!

    Softcover, 112 pages, full color. Ages 10 & Up

    Cover price $9.99.