Update from the team at MyComicShop

MyComicShop.com is scheduled to reopen Tuesday morning, May 31. We apologize to all our customers and consignors for this down time and inconvenience.

Why is the site unavailable?

During a recent operation involving the backups of the database for our web site, the hosting facility where the servers running our web site are located made a very big mistake, and instead of updating to a safe, unused location, they accidentally broke the real database that our site depends on. This happened despite very clear instructions from us about avoiding exactly that problem. Although this initial error was made by our hosting company and was outside of our control, it is our responsibility to be confident of the procedures and companies upon which we depend. We are at work on changes that will provide additional layers of protection and redundancy to prevent a similar problem from occurring again.

What's happening right now?

Currently, we are in the process of restoring our database to the state it was in just before the initial error happened. This should mean that there will be no data loss of any kind--all orders and everything else will be exactly as they were before our site became unavailable. Unfortunately, it takes some time for our database system to work through the logs to get up to date, which is the reason why we will not be reopening until Tuesday, May 31. That's when the recovery is expected to be 100% complete. In the meantime, to all our American customers, we hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

What's the status of my order?

Any orders placed after 11:00 AM Thursday May 26 up through the time when our site became unavailable on Friday, would have normally shipped on Friday but should instead ship on Tuesday May 31st. Otherwise we do not expect further shipping delays and plan to resume our usual same day shipping schedule.

If you have an auction order that you need to submit, you will have time to get your order in after we reopen on Tuesday. We will be in contact with any customers who still need to get their orders in.

What's the status of my consignment payment?

If you receive your payments via check and had a payment the week of May 27, your check was mailed out as usual on Friday. If you receive your payment as store credit, your credit was added to your account Friday. If you receive your payments via PayPal, some payments were made on Friday and the rest have been issued this weekend.

Is this really a patriotic Memorial Day protest of Captain America's recent [SPOILER ALERT!] change of employment? Maybe.