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Avengers West Coast Annual comic books issue 7 1991-1993

  • Issue #7
    Avengers West Coast (1986) Annual 7

    Assaualt On Armor City #2 "Locate!" Guest-starring Darkhawk. Part 2 of the Assault on Armor City storyline. Story by Roy and Dann Thomas. Art by M.C. Wyman, Tim Dzon, and John Tartaglione. Cover by David Ross and Tim Dzon. Professor Power is trying to create duplicates of the iron monger armor in his manufacturing plant in Kansas City. Darkhawk, Iron Man, Spider-woman, and the Scarlet Witch attack the facility to destroy the assembly line and rescue Jim Rhodes, but the mighty Mek-Men stand in their way! Avengers Lineup: Hawkeye, Iron Man, Living Lightning, Scarlet Witch, Spider-woman, U.S. Agent, and Wonder Man. First back up story: "A Study in Scarlet" Story by Roy Thomas. Art by Al Bigley and Mike DeCarlo. It's a touching story as the Scarlet Witch reflects on what might had been, if she could had prevented the Vision from being abducted in West Coast Avengers 42. Second back up story: "Mile High Mayhem" Story by Roy Thomas. Art by John Dennis and Pam Ecklund. Spider-woman returns to Denver and prevents an airliner from crashing. Third back up story: "Ten Little Villains" Story by Roy Thomas. Art by David Ammerman and Brad Vancata. The Avengers discuss their ten favorite villains. Fourth back up story: "My Name is Legion" Story by Roy and Dann Thomas. Art by M.C. Wyman and Keith Williams. A solo adventure of the Living Lightning. (Note: The Assault on Armor City saga continues in Iron Man Annual 13.) 64 pages Cover price $2.25.