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Defenders comic books issue 7 2011-2013

  • Issue #7
    Fearless Defenders (2013) 7

    (W) Cullen Bunn. (A) Stephanie Hans. (CA) Mark Brooks I know. You're still upset about issue 6. But stick with us for a status quo change so big we can't actually show you anything! Do not judge anyone's safety by this cover. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #7
    Defenders (2011 Marvel) 7

    (W) Matt Fraction. (A/CA) Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson. Strange and company find their way to Wakanda... and the Black Panther! The Black Cat takes the job of a lifetime. The reward? Anything she desires! John Aman, the Prince of Orphans, readies to defend his secret with his life! Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #7-1ST
    Essential Defenders TPB (2005-2013 Marvel) 7-1ST

    Volume 7 - 1st printing. Collects Defenders (1972-1986 1st Series) #126-129, Iceman (1984 1st Mini-Series) #1-4, and Beauty and the Beast (1985 Marvel) #1-4.

    Written by J.M. DEMATTEIS. Art by Alan Kupperberg. Cover by Chris Warner.

    The age of the New Defenders begins here!

    The Beast assembles the infamous "non-team" into a real super-group featuring members both old and new - from Gargoyle and Valkyrie to fellow ex-X-Men Iceman and Angel - and now the newly focused heroes must face some of their greatest challenges! Can the Defenders, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. stop the Secret Empire's Professor Power before he takes revenge on Professor X - and starts World War III?

    Plus: Iceman takes on the villainous Void in a time-traveling existential adventure! Beast and Dazzler vs. Doctor Doom and a mutant fight club! The menace of Manslaughter! The power of Odin! The redemption of Moondragon! The attack of...Frog-Man and the Walrus?! And more!

    Softcover, 528 pages, B&W.

    Cover price $19.99.