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Dirty Pair: Fatal But Not Serious comic books issue 5 1994-1996

  • Issue #5
    Dirty Pair Fatal But Not Serious (1995) 5

    By ADAM WARREN. The entire Egawa solar system is forced to evacuate before their sun goes supernova, the result of the Dirty Pair's eager-to-please starship and its gravitically focused gamma-ray laser! The city of New Eysenck, host to Dirty Pair Con '41, is deserted except for security personnel, nihilistic Lovely Angel fans, Armageddon seekers, a freak show of genetic terrorists, the Lovely Angels themselves and Yuri2, a psychotically solipsistic clone of Yuri - she's eager to die...and even more eager to take some innocents down with her! Cover price $2.95.