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Fantastic Four Unlimited comic books issue 8 1993-1995

  • Issue #8
    Fantastic Four Unlimited (1993) 8

    "Impending Doom" Script by Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich. Pencils by Dante Bastianoni. Inks by Ralph Cabrera. Wraparound cover by Claudio Castellini. Since her husband's mysterious death at the hands of Doctor Doom (in Fantastic Four 381), Susan Richards has steadfastly refused to believe that Reed is actually dead. Instead the Invisible Woman thinks that he's only missing, and she has worked tirelessly to find him. Lo and behold with help from Scott Lang, the FF gets a lead on their departed leader's possible whereabouts: Sub-Atomica! Whoa, could Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom be somewhere in the Microverse? Sue, Ben, Johnny, and Ant-Man have all been to the Microverse before, so they know of its hazards. Who or what will the brave foursome discover in the depths of Sub-Atomica? Appearances by Empress Pearla and the Psycho-Man. Second feature: One-page pin-up of the FF vs. Galactus and the Silver Surfer by Pino Rinaldi. Third feature: One-page pin-up of the Thing and Human Torch vs. the Mole Man by Pino Rinaldi. (Note: Members of the Fantastic Four made prior excursions into the Microverse in Marvel Two-in-One #87 and Fantastic Four 282-284.) 64 pages. Cover price $3.95.

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