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Fantastic Four comic books issue 12 1996-1998

  • Issue #12
    Fantastic Four (1998 3rd Series) 12

    Cover pencils by Salvador Larroca, inks by Art Thibert [as T-Bear]. Once More, O Green & Pleasant Land, script by Chris Claremont, pencils by Salvador Larroca (pp. 1-22) and Anthony Williams (pp. 23-38), inks by Art Thibert (pp. 1-22) and Andy Lanning (pp. 23-38); Sue, Ben, and Johnny reunite with Reed and join forces with C. M. Anderson against Crucible and the Enclave; Sue, Ben, and Johnny get their rightful bodies back; Reed confronts Crucible and gets his genius back; the FF evict Crucible and co. from Genosha. 54 pgs. $2.99. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #12
    Fantastic Four (1996 2nd Series) 12

    Heroes Reborn. Heroes Reunited part 1 of 4. "Doomsday!" Guest-starring Avengers, Namor, Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Inhumans, Nick Fury, and Doctor Doom. Story by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi. Art by Brett Booth, Ron Lim, Tom McWeeney, and Mike Miller. Galactus has arrived on the Heroes Reborn Earth and not only can the heroes not stop the World Devourer from destroying the planet, they can't even get past his Heralds. Only the nefarious Doctor Doom knows this truth, so he continuously travels back in time 24 hours to try and find a way to stop the inevitable. Story continues in Avengers (1996-97 2nd Series) #12. Cover price $2.99.