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Hell's Angel comic books issue 3 1991-1993

  • Issue #3
    Hell's Angel (1992 Marvel UK) 3

    Cover art by Bryan Hitch. Subterfuge, script by Bernie Jaye, art by Geoff Senior; Hell's Angel, the Guide and Vakume attempt to infiltrate Un-Earth but Vakume gets sucked into Mephisto's realm in the process; While there, he finds the missing half of his soul and feels powerful enough to escape but Hell's Angel tells him she needs him there for her next mission; Hell's Angel teams up with the X-Men to battle a hive of magically augmented bugs that help power Un-Earth; Shevaun has to explain herself to the Mys-Tech board who feels she may be working against them (she is). 36 pgs. $1.75. Cover price $1.75.