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Incomplete Death's Head comic books issue 6 1992-1994

  • Issue #6
    Incomplete Deaths Head (1993) 6

    Cover art by Charlie Adlard. New framing sequence; Death's Head II and Death's Head search through the archives; Hob ambushes and captures Tuck. "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling!", script by Simon Furman, art by John Higgins; Thea hires Death's Head to find her husband, Keepsake, and his treasure. Keepsake allies himself with Death's Head and Thea against Colt, who has captured Bahlia and stolen the map. Defeating Colt, Keepsake pays Death's Head to double-cross Thea. Death's Head, in turn, double-crosses him and takes all of the treasure. Vulture, Keepsake's pet, abandons him and follows Death's Head. Thea is stranded in a sinking boat with Colt. Dead Cert hires Short Fuse to kill Death's Head before Undertaker and Big Shot do. Reprinted from Death's Head (Marvel UK, 1988 series) #5. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $1.75.