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Iron Man comic books issue 332 1995-1997

  • Issue #332
    Iron Man (1968 1st Series) 332

    Final issue of the series - Onslaught Impact 2 - "Night Neverending" Guest-starring the Black Panther, Giant-Man, and Quicksilver. Script by Terry Kavanagh. Pencils by Joe Bennett. Inks by Mark McKenna and Tim Dzon. Cover by Joe Bennett and Tom Dzon. Underneath the Wakandan consulate in New York City; four avengers are hiding from the Sentinels! T'Challa, Hank Pym, Pietro, and Iron Man (aka Teen Tony) have come together to build the psi-shields that the Avengers desperately need against Onslaught! And with the final addition of vibranium, young Stark is able to assemble a dozen or more! But now comes the hard part! The foursome must get the psi-shields to Times Square where their teammates are waiting! And that means running the gauntlet through an army of Sentinels! Godspeed to Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Story continues in Avengers 402 and concludes in the one-shot: Onslaught Marvel Universe (1996). (Notes: The Iron Man title (2nd series) is relaunched (with significant continuity changes) in the Heroes Reborn Universe (aka Franklin Richards' pocket universe) in November 1996. Tony Stark returns to the Marvel Universe (aka Earth-616) in the Heroes Reborn: The Return limited series in December 1997. The Iron Man 3rd series begins in February 1998. The backup story in Avengers (1997 3rd series) Annual 2001 explains what happened to Teen Tony (of Earth-96020) with regard to the Heroes Reborn Universe and the Heroes Return event.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.50.

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