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Marvel Fanfare comic books issue 12 1983-1985

  • Issue #12
    Marvel Fanfare (1982 1st Series) 12

    "The Web Tightens!" Part 3 of 4. Guest-starring the Black Widow. Script by Ralph Macchio. Pencils (and co-plotting) by George Perez. Inks by Al Milgrom. Cover by George Perez. Cornered in a Hong Kong curio shop by six assassins, the Black Widow puts on a dazzling display of her powers to escape! And after teaming up with SHIELD agent James Woo, the widow descends into the sewers to find the Iron Maiden! Natasha and Agent Woo successfully locate the Iron Maiden! But unexpectedly run into the dangerous Snapdragon too! Second story: "Marvel Annfare" Script by Roger Stern and Ann Nocenti (story idea). Art by Al Milgrom. Roger Stern laments the lack of editors present in the Marvel bullpen! So Ann recommends he don the star-spangled avenger's uniform to get inspired to write a Cap story for Marvel Fanfare! Cameo appearances by Bill Mantlo and Captain America. Special feature: This issue includes a portfolio of Rick Leonardi's artwork. Five full-page illustrations/pin-ups of Iron Man, the Silver Surfer, Storm, Thor, and Angel. (Notes: The back cover illustrates a scene from the second story with art by Al Milgrom. The inside back cover features an essay from Robbie Carosella describing the work that takes place in Marvel's stat room. The Iron Maiden returns in Captain America 388. Printed on glossy paper. The four-part Black Widow story was reprinted in 2016 in the trade paperback: Black Widow Web of Intrigue.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.50.