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Marvel Two-In-One comic books issue 1 2006-2008

  • Issue #1
    Marvel Adventures Two-in-One (2007) 1

    Collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #27 and Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four (2005) #23. Written by Chris Kipiniak and Fred Van Lente. Art by Patrick Scherberger & Roland Paris and Clay Mann & Terry Pallot. Cover by Phil Jimenez. When the JESTER takes New York's museums hostage, SPIDER-MAN thinks it's time for his patented blend of webs, wise-cracks and punching. Grim-and-gritty-guest-star NIGHT THRASHER does things differently. Can the two heroes stop fighting each other long enough to fight the villain? At least a little? Then, RAMA-TUT, the Pharaoh from the Future, has reached through time to kidnap the THING's girlfriend (who happens to be quite the sculptress) to design his pyramid for him, and only the Four can rescue her! 64 pages, full color. All Ages. Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #1
    Marvel Two-In-One (2007 2nd Series) 1

    Collects Marvel Adventures Avengers (2006) #1 and X-Men First Class (2006 1st series) #1. 64 pgs. Color. Cover price $4.99.