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Marvel: Portraits of a Universe comic books issue 1 1994-1996

  • Issue #1
    Marvel Portraits of a Universe (1995) 1

    Book One: In The Beginning. 16 all-new full color portraits of Marvel's greatest moments from the industry's top painters, with commentary by Stan Lee. Featuring: The Origin of the Silver Surfer (from Silver Surfer #1) by Colin MacNeil; Namor and the Human Torch in World War II (from Invaders #12) by Ricardo Villagran; Captain America and Bucky with Sgt. Fury (from Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #13) by Dave Gibbons; Fin Fang Foom (from Strange Tales #89) by Mark Nelson; Namor calls up Giganto (from Fantastic Four #4) by Terese Nielsen; The Birth of Weapon X (from Marvel Comics Presents #73) by John Van Fleet; The Fantastic Four meet Dr. Doom (from Fantastic Four #5) by Kev Walker; Spider-Man catches burglar (from Amazing Fantasy #15) by Denis Calero; Thor versus the Stone Men from Saturn (from Journey Into Mystery #83) by Lou Harrison; The Hulk versus the Thing (from Fantastic Four #12) by Simon Bisley; The Fantastic Four meet the Super-Skrull (from Fantastic Four #18) by Alan Craddock; The original X-Men (from The Uncanny X-Men #1) by Ken Steacy; The Hulk versus Thor (from Avengers #3) by Nick Percival; The Rebirth of Captain America (from Avengers #4) by John Estes; Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (from Uncanny X-Men #5) by Bob Larkin; Spider-Man unmasked by Doc Ock (from Amazing Spider-Man #12) by Bret Blevins. Cover price $2.95.