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Onyx Overlord comic books issue 1 1991-1993

  • Issue #1
    Onyx Overlord (1992) 1

    Finnegar, a registered tail, is saved by the Fractal Police, whereupon she learns of the Major and the Airtight Garage in The Onyx Overlord Log 1: "Armjourth." Story by Moebius. Script by R.J.M. Lofficier. Art by Jerry Bingham. Plus: From the Sketchbook of Moebius: "The Jouk" Part 1. Story & art by Moebius. Script by R.J.M. Lofficier. Cover by Bingham. Back cover by Moebius. Back cover blurb: "Armed with the stolen secrets of creation itself, Major Grubert created worlds within worlds - three pocket universes contained in a single asteroid collectively known as the Airtight Garage. From his orbiting starship, the Ciguri, the Major watches over his worlds, content...until a threat from the stars threatens the safety of all the Major has built - and for all his powers, he may be helpless to save the Airtight Garage!" Cover price $2.75.