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Sonic the Hedgehog comic books issue 102 2000-2002

  • Issue #102
    Sonic the Hedgehog (1993 Archie) 102

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    10th anniversary issue - "Family Dysfunction!" By Bollers, Lim, Pepoy and Eklund. There's much cause for celebration when Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally, and the freedom fighters return to Knothole with the roboticized Mobians. So, if that's the case, why isn't the royal family smiling? Maybe it's because they've been betrayed by trusted allies, and are being held hostage in Castle Acorn! Can Sonic save them all? Fans won't believe how this issue ends! ALSO: Knuckles stars in "Life's Realities" (by Ken Penders): The thrilling conclusion to last issue's story, wherein Knuckles has only two more chances to change history, hopefully resulting in a utopia where all echidnas get along and Mobius is a paradise... but will Knuckles spot the one flaw in his plan in time to correct it? PLUS: Continuing a new feature from fan-favorite Ken Penders, highlighting characters, objects and events that have shaped the Sonicverse! 32 pages, FC. Cover price $1.99.