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Star Wars: Droids comic books issue 4 1994-1996

  • Issue #4
    Star Wars Droids (1995 3rd Series) 4

    Written by RYDER WINDHAM. Art by IAN GIBSON. Cover by KILIAN PLUNKETT. All spacelanes lead to Boonda the Hutt's palace! From one direction comes Olag Greck, looking to strike a shady deal, and from the other comes a drone barge loaded to the gunwales with angry droids, among them a mysteriously transformed See-Threepio. He's undergone a drastic change of personality and become a charismatic leader of the droid rebellion. But the cavernous halls of Boonda's palace hold surprises for everyone, and as with all Hutt palaces, not everyone who enters gets out alive! Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #4
    Star Wars Droids (1994 2nd Series) 4

    Written by DAN THORSLAND. Art by BILL HUGHES & ANDY MUSHYNSKY. Cover by KILIAN PLUNKETT. When Star Wars hit the big screen in 1977, the world fell in love with Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio. Now the events that led them to their fateful meeting with Luke Skywalker are revealed for the first time! In this issue, Corellian rogue Jace Forno leases the dysfunctional duo for a deadly mission to the moon Indobok! Cover price $2.50.